Vision Statement

City of Rice Lake, with its recreational amenities and rich rural character, strives to provide a well balanced, secure, and enjoyable living environment for citizens of all ages. As a friendly, quiet, family-oriented community, the citizens of the City appreciate and respect the needs of their neighbors. Families will raise their children in safety, peace and quiet, away from the congestion and noise of the city. The City will work together with its residents to sustain moderate commercial, residential and recreational growth, while making sure not to alter the existing character of the City. Proactive decision-making, and the provision of services on the part of the City will maintain the existing quality of life.

COVID-19 News

City Hall will be closed to the public starting Monday, November 16th.  We ask that you use the "Drop Box" located at the new front entrance to drop off items for City staff including;
  • Utility Payments
  • Building Permit Applications
  • Zoning Applications
City staff are continuing to conduct business via phone or email.  You can also call and make an appointment with City Staff. FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED WHEN ENTERING CITY FACILITIES