2016 November Planning and Zoning Minutes



 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Steve Kossett.   Present for the meeting were Chairman Kossett, Commission Members Kathy Meyer, Katie Vukelich, Biron Wipson, Bob Whitmyer, and John Hegstrom, Zoning Administrator Teresa Koivula, Deputy Clerk Toni Blomdahl, City Councilor Suzanne Herstad, John Klaers Rice Lake City Planner from Klaers and Associates, and guests Greg Andrews, Bob Quade, and John Goman.

Kathy made a motion to approve the October 18, 2016 meeting minutes with a second by John H.  All vote in favor except for Bob who was absent during the motion.  Motion carried.



MNDOT Airport Needs Meeting: Teresa shared an email from Mary Wittkop from the Duluth Airport Authority regarding a meeting with MnDOT and JAZB members, airport administration, local planners and zoning administrators, and community members to discuss existing airport conditions and 20 year future plans for the airport.  Teresa stated it should be an informative meeting for people to attend and noted she will be attending.  Steve stated he will also be attending.

 John Klaers Planning and Associates: John Klaers shared the attached memo in reference to a meeting he had with Scott Krenzen and Mayor Werner regarding the possible development on Mr. Krenzen’s property.  John stated they wanted to discuss the development on the whole parcel but Mr. Krenzen focused just on the Kwik Trip portion of the development.  John stated the county has approved access from Rice Lake Road and Martin Road for the Kwik Trip portion but the planned access will most likely not be adequate for the rest of the development which may limit the potential to develop the remainder of the property.  John stated we need to stick to the criteria we have for developments which will serve us in the future.  Teresa stated in order for the Kwik Trip portion to proceed, Mr. Krenzen may need to do a lot line adjustment, rezone, and a variance for lot coverage depending on the final site plan.

OLD BUSINESS:Ordinance #22 Lot Coverage: Teresa showed the commission the proposed changes to commercial lot coverage in the dimensional standards chart as approved at the October Commission Meeting for their review.  Further discussion on this is included below in new business.

New Business:

Ordinance #22 Definitions: John Klaers stated he suggests changing our lot coverage definition to just include structures and not impervious surfaces and to also allow parking lots in the setback area.  Teresa showed the commission an email we received from Mike Couri, City Attorney, noting he does not think we should eliminate impervious surface from the definition as this would allow property owners to have gravel or concrete on their entire parcel, which is not the intent for lot coverage.  Bob stated our Land Disturbance Permit will address the stormwater runoff, which will regulate the lot coverage as someone can’t gravel their whole parcel and still be compliant with the Land Disturbance Permit.  John K. stated our current permit is required if you disturb 1 acre of land but we could lower that to ¼ acre for residential and ½ acre for commercial as they do in Hermantown.  Steve stated he does not want to see Rice Lake Road to be as compacted at East Calvary Road so he thinks 50% lot coverage is good.  John Hegstrom stated he likes 50% lot coverage with just structures as the definition for lot coverage.

Ordinance #22 Work Meeting: Teresa asked the commission if they would like to schedule an Ordinance #22 work meeting so she can do a little more research on what surrounding communities allow for lot coverage and how they define lot coverage before any decisions are made.  The commission agreed they would like to schedule a work meeting to discuss these items further and decided to schedule one for Tuesday, November 29th at 6:00 pm.

Next Meeting Date: Steve stated the next Planning and Zoning meeting is Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Having nothing further to discuss, Biron made a motion with a second by Bob to adjourn the meeting.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.