2016 October 10 Council Minutes


October 10, 2016

 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Werner.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting: Mayor John Werner, Councilors John Goman, Greg Andrews, Suzanne Herstad, and Bob Quade, Clerk Joan Jauss, and Treasurer Holly Herstad.  Public attendance: list attached.


October 12, 2016              6:00 pm           Emerald Ash Borer meeting

October 17, 2016              6:00 pm           Utilities meeting

October 18, 2016              6:00 pm           Planning & Zoning meeting

October 20, 2016              6:30 pm           Duluth Area Townships meeting

October 24, 2016              6:00 pm           Council meeting

October 27, 2016              6:00 pm           Urban Watershed Advisory meeting

November 7, 2016            6:00 pm           Agenda meeting

November 8, 2016                                    General Election 7:00am – 8:00 pm

November 14, 2016          6:00 pm           Council meeting



September 26, 2016 – Council meeting minutes

September 29, 2016 – Water Tower Painting Bid Opening minutes


Resolution 16-10-26 Certifying assessments and unpaid services to property taxes

Motion was made by Greg to approve all consent agenda items with a second by Suzanne.  All voted in favor. Motion passed.

 FINANCIAL REPORTS: Cash Balance, Expense Summary, and Profit and Loss in Council’s packet.  Holly mentioned the general investment amount of $390,842.68 will be reduced due to a Council approved transfer to help with storm costs.

 September Receipts:

General                       $        5,242.34

Utility                           $      32,835.24

Fair Housing               $           205.40

September Expenditures:

General                       $     186,988.78

Utility                           $         9,372.08

Fair Housing               $              91.73

October Expenditures thus far:

General                       $       90,792.25

Utilities                        $       10,940.02

Fair Housing Authority$              46.00


General fund checks: 11114 – 11141 and 407E and 408E

Utility fund checks: 741 – 750 and 19E

Payroll checks: 584 – 619

Fair Housing Authority: 206

John G. made a motion to approve treasurer report and executed claims with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.                      


Letter from St. Louis County – variance

System Thinking workshop

Local Government Innovation grants

MAOSC membership drive

General Correspondence – see folder


 Building Department:  Joan read the following report into record for September as prepared by Toni Blomdahl.

 Type of Permit Issued                                  # issued

  • Garage 5
  • Door/Windows             1
  • Re-Roof /Siding          13
  • Furnace                          2
  • Right of Way                 1
  • Deck                                1         

Total issued                         23

Total valuation of projects:      $ 230,606.00

Fines                                       $ 0

Total fees assessed:               $ 4990.20

Planning & Zoning: Joan read the following report into record for September as prepared by Teresa Koivula.

  • Outgoing correspondence: 3
  • Incoming correspondence: 2
  • Lot line application APPROVED: 1
  • Rezone Application incomplete: 1
  • Technical Panel Wetland meeting: 1
  • New driveway/parking lot review: 1
  • Junk/salvage yard violations: 6
  • Junk/salvage yard clean up in progress: 5
  • MPCA Investigations: 3 ongoing
  • Recreational Vehicle Violation review: 1
  • Minor subdivision Application: 1
  • City Planner meeting: 1
  • Joint Airport Zoning Board meeting: 1
  • Ordinance (#34) amendment passed: 1
  • New Ordinance (#42) passed: 1

Public Works/Road & Bridge: Joan read the following September report into record as prepared by Justin Schendel.

Road and Bridge

  • City roads and properties were cleared from downed trees
  • Replaced weight limit and road number signs on Rutter road


  • 58 Gopher One State locates in September
  • Paint Kolstad pump house door
  • Adjusted and sealed manhole #189
  • Assisted MSA and contactor on valve test on the Rice Lake Road utility extensions
  • Uncovered and inspected manhole #188 (Mather Road)
  • Assisted Johnson Excavating on manhole repair #150 (3rd Ave. S)
  • Assisted Johnson Excavating on 3rd Ave. S. sewer main infiltration repair
  • Exercised booster pumps at Kolstad pump house
  • Replaced one water meter


  • Mowed lawns and picked up garbage at park
  • Shut down and winterized park irrigation system
  • Changed hydraulic fluid on one-ton plow

 Fire Department: Joan read the September report into record.

Total Calls for Service – 19

  • Medical Calls – 11
  • Fire Alarm – 3
  • Lift Assist – 2
  • Good Intent – 2
  • Gas Odor – 1

We completed our annual hose testing for compliance.  During the test we found 600′ of hose to be deficient and removed from service.

All of our SCBA’s were serviced, flow tested, and safety checked.

We will have a Demo fire engine at our hall tomorrow night during our fire prevention open house for viewing and an opportunity to ask any and all questions you have for clarification. Truck will be here around 6pm. Open house runs from 4-7pm.

John W. stated he noticed on the invoice from Maney International during the testing of engine #2 the water pumps did not pass, this is something we will need to check into.  John also encouraged everyone to come to the fire department open house and look at the demo truck.

Animal Control: Joan read the following report into record for September as submitted by Gloria Dallum.

  • Hours worked                                      33.05
  • Miles driven
  • License fees collected                        $ 0
  • Citations issued                                  0
  • Fines issued                                        $
  • Dogs to kennel                                    0
  • Dogs to pound

Utilities: Joan read the following report into record for September.

  • Monthly meter readings done
  • September usage 1,869,910 gallons of water
  • Sycom to come and upgrade/repair lift station 10, 1 and 3 in October
  • Received water tower painting bids, MSA analyzing and summarizing information
  • Repaired two areas on 3rd Ave. S. sewer line
  • Water and sewer extension on Rice Lake road was completed

John W. shared with Council he told Justin to put gravel/dirt around all the lift stations and at lift station #1 to add enough dirt so the water slopes away from it during the rain.

 Park Department:  None

Sheriff:  None

 Sewer and water report: In Council’s packet.



 Water/sewer extension on Rice Lake Road:  Joan showed the Council a letter from MSA Professionals in which Joe from MSA made the recommendation to City Council to proceed with acceptance of the extension of water and sewer lines on Rice Lake Road.  The developer’s engineer and contractor have resolved all outstanding issues.  The Utility Commission, at their September meeting, voted to recommend to Council acceptance of the lines.  John G. made a motion to accept the Rice Lake Road water and sewer extension based on MSA’s recommendation with a second by Greg.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

Water tower painting bids:  Joe from MSA Professionals reviewed the water tower painting bids with Council.  Joe stated upon review of the bids, it is MSA’s recommendation that the lowest responsible bidder, Tri-State Coatings, be accepted by Council under the condition they receive a corrected bid bond and their references be checked.  Tri-State Coating’s bid bond had a typo on it and after consulting with the city attorney, the contractor can resubmit a corrected bid bond. Joe said he has a PDF of the corrected bid bond that was emailed to him.  Joe stated the owner of Tri-State Coatings has not provided him with references as of yet.  John W. asked how long should we wait for the references, Joe responded by end of week.  Greg made a motion to accept Tri-State Coatings bid for $139,250 pending references and corrected bid bond with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

Rice Lake Dam Road bid:  John W. stated he attended the St. Louis County’s bid opening on October 6th for the Rice Lake Dam Road Project.  Low bid was thrown out because their bid bond was late.  The next lowest bid was Ulland Brothers Construction for $493,306.60.  The bids will be submitted to the County Board on October 11 and hopefully approved on October 25, the signing of the contract should happen approximately three weeks after awarded.  Depending on the weather, grading could be done by December 15, paving by June 30, 2017 and turf by September 1, 2017.  John W. mentioned that the Rice Lake Dam Road has been an ongoing project for approximately the last seven years.


 State Fire Aid:  Joan shared that the 2016 Minnesota State Fire Aid will be $21,086.96, the state will send this directly into the fire departments retirement fund.

MAOSC:  Suzanne talked about the Minnesota Association of Small Cities (MAOSC), as she talked with them at the regional League of Minnesota Cities meeting last week.  It was agreed to table Further discussion until the agenda meeting.

MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT: John G. made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Meeting was adjourned.