2017 April Agenda Minutes

Agenda Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Mayor John Werner at 6:00 p.m.  Present for the meeting; Mayor John Werner; Councilors John Goman, Greg Andrews, Suzanne Herstad, and Bob Quade; Treasurer Holly Herstad; Clerk Joan Jauss; John Klaers City Planner from Klaers and Associates, and attached guest list.

A motion was made by Bob to approve the March 6, 2017 Agenda Meeting Minutes with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

Correspondence:  Joan shared an e-mail from Steve Nelson with St. Louis County on qualified energy conservation bonds.  John G. asked if the bonds could be used for heating improvement we are considering as that would qualify for a 20% energy savings.  Suzanne said this could also qualify for solar.  Joan will find out more information.  John W said to remember these are bonds for reduced rates, not a grant so the funds will need to be paid back.

Tablets:  Joe Nelson from anySite Solutions came to discuss the differences between various tablets and answer any of the Councilor’s questions.  Joe said a Surface 4 Pro would also include Microsoft Word and Excel for about $1,062 and a keyboard cover.  It has a life expectancy of three to five years or an iPad which has a life expectancy of around two years.  Joe said the iPad would let the council view documents and have e-mail for around $450 which includes a keyboard or case.  Most Councilors felt they did not need a tablet as they currently have one, so it was agreed to get one for the Mayor and one for the public works employee.

 Councilor’s e-mail: Joe also explained to the Council that he can separate business emails from the Councilor’s personal emails on their personal devices, i.e. phone, tablet, computers.  He would create a business email for each councilor, which can be sent to their personal devices, but if need by can be separate from their personal emails.  The Councilors could also access their e-mail remotely via the web.  Council was in favor of splitting their business from their personal e-mail.  It was agreed Joan will get an estimate from Joe for two iPads with keyboard and one case and the cost to split the business from the personal emails, she will bring to the Council meeting for action.

 Fire truck pre-engineering meeting: Chief Mark Niemi stated there is a pre-engineering meeting on May 22nd and he would like to have the Council’s permission to approve any necessary change orders up to $20,000.  The Council felt it would be beneficial to have one of the fire liaisons go to the meeting. If any changes are needed the liaison could approve and inform the Council at the next meeting.  Mark explained the truck committee is going to go down the night before, the room cost for them is included in the truck agreement.


Extraction Equipment Grant: Mark stated he is going to be meeting with the Minnesota Power Foundation about a grant for new extraction equipment, which costs around $33,000.  Mark is trying to get a grant for the total cost but if they can get only 2/3 of the cost, does he have permission to accept the grant.  Council agreed if they use their operating budget to pay for the balance, they can accept the grant.

Utility and road extension: Joan shared with the Council a copy of Ordinance #44, connection fees which includes the trunk map.  According to the trunk map, the Stavanger Road utility extension is in the Martin Road trunk but the actual water and sewer will come from the West Calvary trunk not the Martin Road lines. After discussion, the Council agreed the connection fees should be based on the West Calvary trunk not the Martin Road trunk.  Joan will create a resolution for Council approval.

Joan also stated we will need to do a contractor’s agreement with the developer.  The agreement will need to include a performance bond, payment bond, certificate of insurance, letter of credit, and Ordinance #30, Road Ordinance.   We will also need to get a dedicated right-of-way or easement and the City’s road engineer (SEH) will need to sign off on the road extension.  Joan pointed out to Council Stavanger Road has a 50’ right-of-way and Ordinance #30 requires a 66’ right-of-way.  John G. asked if there is enough room at 50’ for the pitch of the ditches.  John W. said at 50’ the ditches and driving lanes would be the same as on some of the other city roads.  Joan stated, Council will have to do a resolution if they want to accept the 50’ right-of-way.

AT&T antennas: John W said he and Greg attended a meeting with AT&T about moving their equipment off the water tower and onto the cell tower.  A structural study will need to be done to ensure the cell tower can handle more antennas.  Joan said she received an e-mail from AT&T noting they are not sure if they can get the lease amendment done before the water tower is painted.  As a potential solution, it was discussed to relocate the antennas temporarily onto the monopole at a lower level.  Council agreed that the best location for the AT&T equipment would be the monopole/cell tower if it is structurally able to handle the antennas and they do not interfere with the other carriers.  If they do move their equipment it has been agreed they will remove all cabling and equipment from the water tower.  Joan also asked who should review the structural and interference study once it is received it was agreed, Eric from MSA.

Ordinance #27 revisions:  Joan stated she is updating Ordinance 27, the water ordinance.  Recently we had a resident turn on their water supply not using an authorized agent which is a violation of section 2B of the ordinance.  Joan asked the Council if they would like to establish a fine if someone violates this section.  Council stated there should be a fine and agreed to a fine of $500.  Joan will make this revision to the ordinance to present for final Council approval.

 Liquor License Renewals:  Joan shared an e-mail from Callie Bursch at the State of Minnesota Health Department on the guidelines and forms they use for inspecting food establishments.  They follow the state food service code.  The Councilors agreed the state checklist covers many issues, more than what the City inspects.  Greg asked if the fire/safety issues would be identified on the state checklist, it appears so, as the check is very detailed.  Joan stated the surrounding municipalities do not do their own inspections, instead they rely on the state inspections. Greg still has concerns on some of the safety issues.  Council agreed to discontinue City inspections and rely on state inspections.

Amending Ordinance #41 Regulating the sale of alcoholic beverages:  Joan reviewed the changes made to Ordinance #41 which included allowing off sales on Sundays between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  John G. made a motion to approve the changes to Ordnance #41 allowing off-sale liquor on Sundays between 11: 00 am and 6:00 pm with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

City Hall Furnace:  John W. met with Carlson Duluth Company to go over options to repair or replace the furnace at City Hall.  Various times last year repairs needed to be made to the valves and furnace.  Currently, two valves do not work and a bypass valve should be installed.  Carlson can repair for $3,390.  They also gave a second quote for $14,950 to replace boiler and install new zone controls, including replacing the thermostats and wiring, and actuators.  Council requested Joan to obtain competitive quotes.  John G. asked if the energy conservation bonds would apply for this project, Joan will investigate.

Recycle shed improvements:  Joan stated the recycle shed needs the trim and thresholds repaired, the buildings need to be painted, and we have also received a request to extend the sidewalk.  Greg asked about WLSSD covering some of the costs, Joan said it is getting harder to get grants from WLSSD.  John W. said the trim boards, threshold, and painting should be done this year, Council agreed.

E-1 basin inspections:  Joan shared with Council she would like to have Justin start doing visual inspections on the E-1 basins to check for any I&I on 5th, 4th, West Calvary, and Rice Lake Road.  Council approved.

Hedberg road water line:  The Hedberg road water line is a private line, which a private contractor installed years ago.  Currently there are two homes on the line.   The City received a request from a resident who wants to hook-up to the water line.  Since the water line is a private line the City cannot allow anyone to hookup.  According to the City’s attorney we cannot allow anyone to hook up to a water line that is not owned by the City and the installing contractor cannot allow any new hook ups without City approval.  Council will not approve any new hook ups to a private line. The City’s attorney also recommended we try to find out what size the line is, what the pipe material is, and how deep the line is.  John W. stated the installing contractor is no longer living on the road, so we will not be able to get any further information.

Family of God – Rezone:  Teresa received an email and rezone application from Jon at Family of God.  In the email, Jon asked that all fees be waived to rezone as the rezone will be a benefit to the City as well as Family of God.  John W. stated the City cannot expand/build on the Public Works building parcel as it has reached it’s 30% lot coverage as per the City’s zoning ordinance.   The City has asked Family of God if they would consider selling 1.5 acres on the East side of their parcel, which is approximately 150’ of frontage. Council agreed the City needs more property at this location.  Currently Family of God is zoned rural residential 1 and their application is to rezone to public.  This would allow them to sell some of their land to the City and still maintain the ability to add on to their buildings in the future.  Jon at Family of God stated it is their intention to ask the congregation at their annual meeting in May to approve selling 1.5 acres to the City.  John G. stated he would be willing to waive the fees as it benefits the City also.  It was agreed the City will pay Family of God’s fees contingent upon approval of the Family of God members.   Teresa suggested in the response letter to the email, we identify the requirements and what fees will be involved.  Council agreed, Joan and Teresa will work together on writing the letter.

Mike Couri next visit:  Joan shared that Mike Couri, City Attorney, will be coming here on June 12th.

LMC webinar: Joan asked Council if she could attend a webinar on Capital Investment Processes on May 3rd, Council approved.

Krenzen property: John W. shared some property on Rice Lake Road has been sold to a group of developers.  They will be contacting the City sometime in the future.

Having nothing further to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by John G. with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.