2017 April Utilities Minutes

Utility Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Utility Chair Cindy Endicott at 6:00 p.m.  Present for the meeting; Commission members Cindy Endicott, Jayme Heim and Pegra Cobb; Councilors Greg Andrews and John Goman; Clerk Joan Jauss; and Joe Jurewicz from MSA.  Also in attendance: Suzanne Herstad, Bob Quade, John Werner, and Darrel Johnson.

A motion to approve the March 20, 2017 Utility Meeting Minutes was made by Jayme with a second by Pegra.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.

Business from the floor: John W. shared that he met with the City of Duluth on the gas lines going down Drake Rd. to W. Calvary, W. Calvary to Kingston and Stavanger, Luzerne to the west except for the Fall Inn, as they may hook up the Fall Inn this year, and Charles Rd. to the end.  Hanco is the contractor who will be doing the work.  Bob stated the Fayre Road residents have received a survey to see if there is interest in running the gas lines there also.

John W. also shared that Kwik Trip will be doing their construction in 2018, not in 2017.

Correspondence: None

Water Tower Painting/AT&T antenna: Joan shared that AT&T is looking to permanently move their antennae to the cell tower.  If they move, they will remove all the wiring from the water tower, but the hangers will remain. Joe stated the painting is tentatively scheduled to start mid-May, he will verify.

Safety Harness: Joe stated he has received a verbal estimate of $3,500 for material and equipment.  He will work on getting a written estimate and create a change order.

WLSSD I&I: It was agreed to put this on hold until July, by then WLSSD should have approved their ordinance.

Ordinances #25 and #27: Joan stated Ordinance #25, Sewer is at the attorney’s office for review.  She shared an updated Ordinance #27, Water with the Commission.   The Commission agreed the changes look good.  A motion was made by Jayme to recommend the changes on Ordinance #27 be given to Council for final approval with a second by Pegra.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.

Stavanger Road Water and Sewer Extension: Joan shared a final version of the engineered drawings to extend the water and sewer north on Stavanger Road.  It was noted the sewer is going to stop approximately 120’ from the right-of-way.  Joe at MSA noted this line will not be hooked into any other sewer line as the Martin Road line will be on a different trunk line.  Joe stated MSA would recommend accepting the drawings with a condition, the gate valve is moved to the property line. Cindy asked if the road is going to go all the way through, completing Stavanger Road.  John W. noted the road will stop at the property owner’s southern property line.  There will be a maintenance trail built in the right of way so the City can maintain the water/sewer lines, but it will not be open to public, thus no the road will not go all the way through.  Joe asked if the City would like a hydrant placed at the end of Luzerne.  Joe’s concern was access and snowplowing if we put any hydrants in.  With the clarification of the maintenance trail and how snowplowing is done, access will not be an issue and so a hydrant will be placed at the end of Luzerne.  The hydrant will be a benefit to the firefighters also.  Cindy made a motion to recommend to Council final approval of the engineered drawing with conditions noted by MSA with a second by Jayme.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.   John W. asked if all the pigging stations were staying.  Joe said the one at Engel’s is staying, but the one on Owen’s property will be removed and a new one will be added at the end of Stavanger.

Miscellaneous:  Joan asked if the Commission wanted to set up the annual manhole/lift station inspection.  John G. recommended instead of doing the whole City, maybe we could just pick a section to inspect.  Greg noted it is too dry to do now, the spring runoff is done.  This should be done during a large rain event.  It was agreed to hold off doing any inspections until we get a major rain.  John G. stated we still have a list from last year that we need to start working on.  It was agreed we need to start working on some of the repairs.

E1 grinder basin I&I: Joan shared a drawing of the type of E1 basins the City has, which do not match the one Joe shared that had I&I issues.  Joe stated the two are different types and we are not likely to have the I&I issues.  It was agreed to have Justin still check five basins to ensure we do not have any leaking issues.

Private Water Lines: Joan asked the Commission and Council which water lines in the City are private.  Brian Road, after Mather Road; Carlson Road; and Hedberg were identified to be private lines.  John W. stated he thought Kolstad was private also.  Joan will investigate.

Having nothing further to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Jayme with a second by Pegra.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.