2017 February 27 Council Minutes


February 27, 2017

 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Werner.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting: Mayor John Werner, Councilors John Goman, Greg Andrews, Suzanne Herstad, and Bob Quade, Clerk Joan Jauss, and Treasurer Holly Herstad.  Public attendance, list attached.

BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR:  Joan noted the fax machine that was advertised for sale has not sold.  Can it be dispose of, John W said yes.


Local Board of Appeal and Equalization is scheduled for May 11, 2017 6:00 pm

April 19th MIC meeting will be held at the Rice Lake City Hall.

Duluth International Airport request for letter of support: Joan shared a copy a letter requesting Council for a letter of support for the Airport’s Small Community Air Service Development grant application.  Suzanne made a motion to send a letter of support with a second by John G.  All voted in favor.  Motion passed.



February 13, 2017 Council minutes and February 23, 2017 AWAIR minutes


#30 A Road Specification and Construction Ordinance

#44 Establishment of Sewer and Water Trunk Areas, Trunk Fees, and Connection Fees                         Within the City of Rice Lake

Contract for Professional Planning Services with John Klaers Planning and Associates

Record destruction report

Woodland Hockey application for a exempt raffle permit

Executed Claims:

General fund checks – 11419 –  11440

Utility fund checks – 827- 829

Fair Housing Authority –  none

Greg made a motion to approve the consent agenda with a second by Bob.  All voted in favor.  Motion passed.


Sale of Brush Truck: John W stated the brush truck is being sold as is, the only problem we are aware of is that it burns oil.  No personal checks, only cash or cashier’s check. The brush truck bids were opened by Council as follows:  Jeff Heikkila $3,052; Mrs. Mac’s $3,026; Scott Jackson $2,650; Andrew McClure $2,521; Edward Olson $3,250; Stan Nelson $6,650; Bill Wilson $3,879; Jim Rostvit $2,146; Jeff Hellesvig $3,775.99; G&D Auto $3,333.33; Marty Vareverg $3,157; Bob Ecklund $3,500; Mike DesCombas $3,150; Holly Herstad $2,525; Homestead Construction $2,650.  Bid was awarded to Stan Nelson.

2016 Annual Department Reports:  Joan shared with Council the 2016 annual department reports with the exception of the recycle shed, as we are still waiting on information from WLSSD.

Assignment of permanent easement for lift station #9:  WLSSD sent a permanent easement request for lift station 9.  John W. stated this lift station was turned over to WLSSD in 2009 but the permanent easement between the City of Rice Lake and WLSSD was not recorded.  A motion was made by John G to approve the permanent easement for lift station 9 with WLSSD and was seconded by Bob.  All voted in favor.  Motion passed.

Senate Tax Committee hearing:  John W and John G are going be testifying on February 28th in front of the Senate Tax Committee regarding LGA for the City.

Big Water small claims court: Joan shared a copy of the Wisconsin small claim summons from Big Water Apparatus that was served on the City, for work that was done on the new brush truck.  John W gave an overview noting the dispute is on cost overruns.  This is scheduled for mediation on March 16th in Ashland, WI.

Joan stated she has received a request from Mark, the Fire Chief, for the guys that are going to the summons in Ashland, can they get reimbursed for lost wages while attending the small claims mediation.  John W said individuals that are subpoenaed should be reimbursed.   Suzanne suggested there be a claim submitted showing the time not reimbursed by their employer and an hourly amount that can be used to calculate the lost wages.  Suzanne made a motion to approve reimbursement of lost time for the two firefighters with a second by Bob.  All voted in favor.  Motion passed.


Fire equipment investment fund CD’s:  Joan asked the Council if two CDs from the Fire Equipment investment account could be cashed out, one matures in 2019 and the other in 2020.  Mike from RBC informed Joan we will can face value if we cash out the CDs as soon as possible, and no penalty would be applied.  The CD’s can be reinvested for six months, at which time it will be time to make the final truck payment.  Greg made a motion to cash out the two CDs and reinvest for the next six months with a second by Suzanne.  All voted in favor.  Motion passed.

Strom bond fund transfer:  Joan asked the Council to approve moving the remaining storm bond funds of $33,315.13 to project investments to be used for payments on the bond.  Suzanne made a motion to move $33,315.13 to project investments with a second by Bob.  All voted in favor.  Motion passed.

Small Cell Wireless legislation:  Joan said she has sent letters to our Legislators stating the City is against this bill.

Alcohol establishment building inspections:  Joan shared that Jim Rich would be willing to inspect establishments applying for a liquor license renewals. Councilors agreed that Jim should be doing the inspection instead of the local Fire Marshall.   

Mike Couri visit in March:  Joan asked the Council if they would like Mike Couri to visit in March.  Discussion was held and Joan was asked to try to schedule for March 27, 2017.

Tablets for Council:  Joan went over different tablets and prices with Council.  John W suggested moving discussion to the agenda meeting and the  Councilors were encouraged to go check out the different models before deciding.

March Calendar:  In Councils packet

Arrowhead Transit:  John W stated there was a meeting with Arrowhead Transit about a potential new public transportation program funded by MNDOT. This would offer public transportation one or two days a week to the mall area. Pick up and drop offs would be at City Hall.  Arrowhead Transit is requesting a letter of support from the City and are looking to survey residents to find out if there is interest. Bob made a motion to support sending a letter with a second by John G. All voted in favor.  Motion passed.

MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by Greg with a second by Suzanne to adjourn the meeting.  All voted in favor.  Meeting was adjourned.