2017 January Agenda Minutes

January Agenda Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Mayor John Werner at 6:00 p.m.  Present for the meeting; Mayor John Werner; Councilors John Goman, Greg Andrews, Suzanne Herstad, and Bob Quade; Treasurer Holly Herstad; Clerk Joan Jauss; John Klaers, City Planner from Klaers and Associates, and guest list attached.

A motion was made by John G. to approve the December 5, 2016 Agenda meeting minutes with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed

Correspondence: None

 Business from the floor:

Airport update:  Tom Werner came to update the Council on state zoning reform, and that the current zoning is antiquated because every community airport is unique.  MN DOT is working on an ordinance that will allow for a custom design for airports which is currently at the Legislature, Chapter 360 in Minnesota State Statute.  Tom discussed the differences between a custom design and standard design approach in a summary of proposed changes.  John G. asked Tom if there could be a combination of customized and standard zoning, Tom said yes that design could be done, if the legislation is passed.   Greg asked if a custom plan is created, does it go back to MN DOT for approval, Tom said yes when you have any type of changes MN DOT needs to approve the changes.  John W. mentioned that the Council had approved a previous model and we still hold to that position.  Tom also shared that it is still very important to proceed with the cross-runway improvement.  The main runway currently has phase one done, phase two will be done in 2017, and the remainder of the runway finished in 2018.

Fire Truck:  Joan shared a draft of the minutes from the December 29th fire truck meeting are in the packet for Council’s review.  She also stated she will submit the HGAV Agreement to get on the Texas cooperative for the purchase of the truck.  Mark said the fire truck committee has reviewed all the specs again and needed to add $11,862 of equipment that was missed or needed to be upgraded in the last proposal, this puts the total of the truck at $492,554.  The fire truck committee will be going to Appleton, WI three times, once to meet with engineers and two other times to inspect the truck, the inspection costs are included in the cost of the truck.   Mark noted the City is to receive a performance bond from MacQueen Emergency Group.  It was agreed if the City puts any non-investment money into the truck financing, the money will be refunded back to the City once funds are available.  Half of the cost of the truck will be paid upfront, this will give the City a twelve-thousand-dollar discount, which brings the cost of the truck to $479,866.  John W. confirmed with Mark and Scott all costs are included, they both confirmed, to their knowledge yes.  If there are any overages, the Council must approve.  Greg complimented the truck committee, Scott Twining, Rich Johnson, Mark Niemi, Mike Conradi, and Devon Sonnek, on doing its due diligence and getting a good product.  Joan will email Mike Couri, City Attorney to review the purchase agreement.

Yearend fire department funds: Scott requested of Council, if there is any remaining money in the fire department budget, that the funds be moved to the truck fund.  Council asked staff to obtain the FD yearend balance.  Scott then asked about the $6,000 that normally went to the relief fund, Council clarified it went into the truck fund.   John W. said this was not budgeted for 2017 and there were no extra funds in 2016 to make this happen.  Scott requested it be considered for 2018 again.  Holly stated $20,000 did get added to the truck fund in 2016 through the levy.

Engine 2:  Mark stated the pump on engine 2, did not pass inspection.  Mark is working on getting a quote for repairing the pump, but would like the Council’s opinion on getting it repaired since this is the truck that will be replaced.  John W. asked what the plan is if there is no second engine.  Mark said he would add an automatic aid partner so when mutual aid received a call, they would automatically send an engine.

North Fire Hall: Suzanne said she received a business card from Duluth Architectural Metals who would like to look at the North Hall to see if any insulation improvements can be made to it.  John W said years ago, we had an engineering company look at the hall and said it structurally could not sustain the added weight.  Maybe now there are better ways to insulate the building’s roof, Joan is to call and schedule an appointment with them along with one of the fire department liaisons.

ISO: Joan shared that there are 60 plats of land in the five-mile road radius whose ISO rating would be affected if the North Fire Hall closed. This discussion was postponed indefinitely as the City does not have funds to do any changes to the fire halls at this time.

 SEH Agreement:  Joan gave Council a copy of an agreement from SEH for $5,000, for the project on the corner of Rice Lake and Martin Road.  John W. stated SEH is the City’s road engineers, as well as advising us on the project as it develops.  Currently they have spent approximately $2,000 in helping to update Ordinance #30.  Joan will bring to the Council meeting for action.

SWCD Agreement renewal:  Joan gave Council a copy of the 2017 South St. Louis Soils and Water Conservation District (SWCD) agreement for $1,500 which will be brought to the Council meeting for action.

Resolutions: Joan gave Council a copy of the following resolutions, these will be brought to the Council meeting for action.  All resolutions were reviewed and discussed by Council.

Resolution 17-01-01 – Appointments to certain offices and positions, setting salaries, employment terms and Establishing meeting times.  John W. went over officer positions with council members to make sure all positions and staff were identified correctly.  Greg made a request to call Billy’s Bar and Grill to see if the City could add this location as a legal posting site.  Joan will investigate.

Resolution – 17-01-02 – Resolution Designating Depositories and Corporate Authorization

Resolution – 17-01-03 – Resolution Designating Depositories for Investment Purposes

Resolution – 17-01-04 – Resolution Establishing 2017 City fees.  Joan reviewed fees with councilors.
Resolution – 17-01-05 – Resolution Appointing City Insurance Agent

City Planner:   Suzanne stated she feels the City’s City Planner has not been utilized to his full potential.   Suzanne would like to work on updating the job descriptions of the Zoning and Building associates as well as Mr. Klaers to help clarify their responsibilities.  Suzanne had these associates fill out a questioner on what they felt their duties are, and describe how they felt their positions could work together.  From the responses she received, she is concerned and suggests the group email daily and meet once a week to discuss issues and create better communication.  Joan stated she questions the value added from Mr. Klaers.  Teresa said she is willing to work with all members of the group.  Darrell Johnson said he has worked with John K. and feels he has a lot of information and experience when it comes to developments.  John W. recommended that Suzanne and John G. work together with the people involved to address the concerns.

LMC Dividend check:  Joan shared a copy of a dividend check the City received from League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) for $508.

Worker compensation Insurance:  Joan asked the Council if they would like to have a deductible on the City’s worker compensation insurance.  After Council reviewed the deduction amounts, they decided not to make any changes.

Volkswagen Settlement Fund:  Joan shared information she had received from Teresa, from one of the meetings she attended, that there is a Volkswagen grant available from the Volkswagen Settlement Fund.  Mark stated engine two would maybe qualify.  John W. asked when we could apply and who do we work with to apply.  Joan will investigate and get back to Council.

Annual I&I meeting:  Joan said the annual I&I meeting with WLSSD will be at City Hall on January 10th at 10:30 am.  She asked if she should post the meeting, Council agreed she should post it.

Room Dividers:  Suzanne asked the Council their thoughts on investigating room dividers.  Currently there are no meeting rooms.  John W. said there was discussion about making a meeting room, currently we have not funds to do so.  John W. recommended Suzanne explore getting information and costs for portable room dividers if she would like.

Having nothing further to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Greg with a second by John G.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.