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From Marcia Stromgren, Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor:

We recently had an application to our land that has just been completed which included:   removal of dead and dying trees from spruce budworm, some from blowdown and others from mature forest stands.

Many property owners were affected by the blowdown in 2016 and still have areas that need attention due to the potential of being a fire hazard if any type of wildfire (this has happened in the past) were to start.

Landowners may contact the USDA-NRCS below to inquire about eligibility.  Small tracts are usually not accepted but if a collective of adjacent landowners  were to seek help, they may be granted an application.

“A well maintained forest is a healthy forest.”  It is also an asset should you decide to sell your property in the future.

  • US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS)
  • NRCS provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners looking to address conservation needs on their property
  • All NRCS assistance is provided at no cost to the landowner (except their taxes)
  • NRCS provides a very wide range of conservation assistance, including forestry work
  • Forestry projects can include one or more of the projects listed below – this is not all inclusive:

o   Regeneration of mature forest stands

o   Regeneration of mature alder/brushy areas (generally mowing or sheering)

o   Removal of dead and dying balsam fir impacted by spruce budworm

o   Removal of dead and dying trees as a result of a storm event (blow down)

o   Forest openings for wildlife

o   Tree and/or shrub planting

o   Tree and/or shrub pruning

o   Riparian forest buffers

o   Development of Forest Management Plans (similar to Forest Stewardship   Plans, but more specific)

o   Forest stand improvement through thinning and/or release

o   Installation of windbreaks, shelterbelts, and living snowfences

o   Invasive species control

Most of the work we do in the region I cover is related to forest health, streams, and wildlife habitat.

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