Newspaper Information

Articles for the City of Rice Lake Newspaper

The Rice Lake News is a local paper that is delivered quarterly, free of charge to all residents in the City.

In order to publish a paper that is informational for all of the residents, I am asking various organizations, businesses, and residents to submit articles for the next issue of the paper.

The articles could be considered an introduction of your business or organization. It can also be like a community calendar informing the residents of what your business/organization is and what any upcoming events are. It is also for the residents to share their accomplishments, announcements, pictures, etc., and to voice their concerns or opinions.

If you are interested in submitting an article, business card, etc., for the next issue of the paper which is published quarterly, please inquire for the date of the next publication.

Please send your article paper ready by using the following: Left Margin; 2, Right Margin; 2.5, Font; CGTimes, and Justification; Full. Any pictures submitted are not guaranteed to be returned.

You can mail or drop off your article at City Hall between 8:00-4:30, or e-mail to

If you have any questions you can call (218) 721-3778. Thank you.