May 2023

Dear Friends,

We are wrapping up the 2023 session soon. I expect to hear back soon about the bonding bill. As you know, Rice Lake has a major project allocated if the Senate and House agree. I authored HF 416 introduced for the Rice Lake Water and Sewer Extension for the bonding bill, and HF 2715 was introduced for the Rice Lake Regional Public Safety Facility but did not make the bonding list for this year. In addition, a bill for a Veteran’s Memorial was also drafted for a future project. I am optimistic that an agreement will be reached and Mayor Werner’s vision for Rice Lake will carry on.

With a 17.5-billion-dollar surplus, the Democrats are adding 9.5 billion dollars in taxes, and some of the most extreme policies in the nation. NBC News recently reported that “Minnesota is becoming a laboratory in pushing progressive policy”. Most expected the tax on social security to be eliminated as both Senators and House members campaigned on this. However, once session started the tune changed, and Democrats are no longer fully eliminating the tax.

I want to share some of the areas I have voted with the Democrats.

  1. Supported funding for the Drill Core Library in Hibbing which stores core of rocks for science, research and required a $1 million capital fix to allow tours again etc.
  2. Bonding bill for numerous projects in our district.
  3. Emergency funding for food shelves.
  4. Restored emergency funding for natural disasters, with expected MN flooding this spring.
  5. Bus bill to allow type III vehicles to continue in operation if 12 years old or older if they pass inspections.
  6. Disability benefits bill for police officers that required additional funding to avoid city/county tax burdens.
  7. Direct Commissioner of Human Services to gather data on the number of children in out of state residential facility placements.
  8. Establishing a crime for using technology to disseminate non-consensual deep fake images defined as: video recording, motion picture film, sound recording, electronic image or photograph etc. which falsely depicts speech or conduct of an individual.
  9. Regulations for online banking mortgages.
  10. Supported the Veterans Omnibus bill.

Here is a link for you to listen to one of my house floor speeches:

I am grateful to work for all of you. Please contact me at, and follow me on my Facebook Page@ . Feel free to write me at 100 Rev. Drive Martin Luther Kind Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, Mn 55155 or call at 800-890-5428. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Let your light shine,

Representative Zeleznikar, House 3B

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