Dog Licenses/Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer works under the direction of City Council, to enforce various City Ordinances and Regulations governing animal control. 

Jessica Rahja – Animal Control Officer
(218) 590-8859

Dog Licensing
Dog licenses are required for all dogs over 6 months of age in the city of Rice Lake (Ordinance #51). Annual licenses are good from January 1 through December 31.  The cost is $6.00 per license. Lifetime licenses cost $25 and are good for the life of your pet. Senior citizens (age 60 and over) are allowed 1 free annual dog license each year. Licenses may be purchased at City Hall during normal business hours.
License forms are available using the link below.

Dog License Application

Renewing a Dog License

Purchase your dog’s annual license before January 31 each year to avoid a late fee of $1. An additional dollar is added for each month it is late up to a maximum of $5.

Lost Dogs
If you have lost your dog, please call Animal Allies at (218) 722-5341 to see if your pet was brought in.  If your dog has been properly licensed and found by the city, we will contact you using the contact information provided on the license form. If your contact information changes, contact City Hall so we can update our records.

If you find a missing dog and don't know who the owner is, call Animal Control at the number listed above.  They will be able to check if they are licensed and contact the owners.

Ordinance #51 – Dog Control

Running at Large

A dog is considered at large if off the premises of the owner and is: (a) not on a leash held by a responsible person of sufficient age to adequately control the animal at all times, or (b) not accompanied by and under the direct control of such responsible person so as to be effectively restrained by command. Dogs that are on or directly adjacent to all athletic fields or parks must be leashed. If any animal is running loose on the owner’s property and runs onto adjacent public or private properties and does not respond to a person, then the animal is considered “at large”.  The fine for your dog running at large is $55 with an additional $55 if not licensed.

Animal Waste
Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets.  No person shall allow a dog owned by them or in their possession to deposit animal waste on public property or the property of another citizen of the City.

Public Nuisance Dogs
Dog owners shall not allow their dogs to unreasonably disturb the peace and quiet of any person in the vicinity.  A dog that barks, bays, cries, howls, or makes any other noise repeatedly over a five-minute period with a 30 second or less lapse of time between is considered a public nuisance. The fine for a habitual barking dog is $55.

Number of Allowed Dogs
The maximum number of dogs over six (6) months of age allowed on parcels of two acres or less is three. On parcels over two acres up to five dogs are allowed.