2017 August Planning & Zoning minutes



AUGUST 15, 2017

 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Steve Kossett.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting were Chair Kossett, Commission Members Pete Branca, John Hegstrom, Bob Whitmyer, and Kathy Meyer, Zoning Administrator Teresa Koivula, Deputy Clerk Toni Blomdahl, City Councilor Suzanne Herstad, and guests Andrew Olson, Matt Marciniak, Greg Andrews, and Bob Quade.

Bob made a motion to approve the June 20, 2017 meeting minutes with a second by John Hegstrom.  All vote in favor except for Pete who arrived after the vote.  Motion carried.  Kathy made a motion to approve the Family of God Rezone minutes and the Findings of Fact with a second by John.  All vote in favor except for Pete who arrived after the vote.  Motion carried.


CORRESPONDENCE: Teresa gave the commission copies of the attached letters and noted for Home Business Permits, we will still require permission on our local roads but St. Louis County does not require notification.  Teresa stated she visited the property noted in the Animal Control letter complaint and spoke with the property owner.  Teresa stated the property has less than 2 acres so they are allowed up to 20 birds.  This property has more than that but is grandfathered in, as this is a new requirement under the updated ordinance.  Teresa stated she told the property owner they cannot add anymore birds and no fence is required according to our ordinance.  Greg noted the birds are free range birds but there is still a liability on the owners if the birds cause an accident.  Teresa stated she will let the owner know.


Home Occupation Application for Duluth Lawn Care: Teresa stated we have received a home business application from Matt Marciniak for his business.  Matt Marciniak, 4145 West Tischer Rd. stated it is a lawn maintenance only business that runs mid-April through October and his workers show up in the morning, load up, and leave for the day.  Matt stated his equipment is parked in his garage in the summer and then he places it in a shipping container in the winter after he has winterized them so he just has trucks and trailers outside.  Pete asked how many trucks.  Matt stated he has four commercial trucks and then he and his wife’s vehicles.  Pete asked about any hazardous waste.  Matt stated he disposes of his oil at WLSSD and he doesn’t have anything else hazardous.  Teresa stated the garage on Matt’s property is quite a way off the road so you can’t see his trucks and equipment from the road.  The Commission went over the questions on the questionnaire and did not have any concerns with the answers provided.  A motion was made by John H. to approve the home occupation request with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.


Conditional Use Inspection Report: Teresa shared with the Commission the CUP synopsis report for 2017.  Teresa stated there has been progress on the CUP inspections thanks to everyone’s diligence.  More properties are in compliance at the first visit so she has not needed to do many follow up letters.  Teresa stated she visited Gray Rock today, as the gate was locked the night of inspection, and noted that everything looks good.  A motion was made by John H. to move the inspections to June next year with a second by Steve.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.

Joint Airport Zoning Board (JAZB): Teresa stated the next scheduled meeting for JAZB will be Thursday, September 7th at 3:30 pm.  Teresa stated she will not be able to attend but Steve stated he should be able to attend.

Next Meeting Date: Steve stated the next Planning and Zoning meeting is Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.  Toni clarified the September meeting will also be held at the South Fire Hall.

Having nothing further to discuss, Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Steve.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.