2017 December Planning & Zoning minutes



DECEMBER 19, 2017

 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Steve Kossett.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting were Chair Kossett, Commission Members Katie Vukelich, Bob Whitmyer, John Hegstrom, and Kathy Meyer, Zoning Administrator Teresa Koivula, Deputy Clerk Toni Blomdahl, City Councilor Suzanne Herstad, and guests Greg Andrews and Nellie Schefler.

Katie made a motion to approve the agenda as presented with a second by John.  All vote in favor except for Bob who arrived after the vote.  Motion carried.

Kathy made a motion to approve the November 21, 2017 meeting minutes with a second by Katie.  All vote in favor except for Bob who arrived after the vote.  Motion carried.





Home Occupation Application: Teresa presented a home occupation application for the Commission to review for Marcie Thole at 3973 Hicken Road.  Teresa stated Marcie was not able to attend the meeting, but she sent an email that is in the Commission’s packet.  Teresa read her Administrator’s Report into the record and stated Marcie has provided adequate parking for her clients.  Greg asked if the applicant needs to provide bathroom facilities for her clients.  Teresa stated the state does not requiring licensing for massage and she is not sure if the State Building Code requires it.  Suzanne asked if we require other garage type home occupations to have a bathroom facility.  Teresa stated it is not a requirement in our ordinance.  John asked if we have approved other Home Occupation Applications when the applicant is not present.  Teresa stated we have in the past.  There was further discussion as to the need of a bathroom facility for this type of home occupation.  Bob made a motion to postpone this matter until we here back from the applicant as to whether the MN Department of Health, the State Building Code, and St. Louis County Environmental Services have any requirements for bathroom facilities with a second by Steve.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.  Teresa will follow up with Marcie.


Previously Proposed Ordinance #22 Updates: Teresa stated we emailed the Commission the proposed amendments to Ordinance #22 that the Commission has approved but are still waiting review by Mike Couri.  Teresa stated we will need to hold a public hearing on these amendments once we are ready with all the changes.  Steve asked if the Commission had any questions on the amendments, could they email Teresa.  Teresa stated yes and then we can discuss it further at the next meeting if needed.

Draft Buffer/Screening Performance Standards: Teresa presented the Commission with Performance Standards for Commercial/Industrial Uses that Toni had formatted with the information Teresa found in other communities.  Teresa stated this is content that we will need to work on over the next couple meetings.  Teresa discussed the email Bob had sent which included a definition for buffer.  Bob stated he found this definition in another community’s ordinance.  Katie asked what the difference is between buffer and screening.  Teresa stated buffers are a space, open or filled with vegetation, and the screening is what we put in the buffer.  John stated the buffer may have screening and it may not.  Katie stated she doesn’t think our current buffer definition makes that clear.  Bob stated a buffer is a general term where it might be a visual, sound, or dust buffer and various things could be used to create that buffer.  Katie thinks we should expand our buffer definition.  Bob made a motion to use the definition provided changing “Buffering means the on-site” to “Buffer – The on-site” and a comma after drainageways with a second by Katie.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.  Katie asked if we are looking at screening from every use or just commercial and industrial.  Toni stated the way it is written now just notes commercial and industrial use screening from roads or adjacent residential parcels, but we can change that if the Commission would like to.  Steve asked who is responsible for the screening, the commercial or the residential.  Toni stated that is addressed in 27.01 A. noting it must be on the same parcel as the structure or use, so commercial property owner’s responsibility.

Nuisance Ordinance: Steve asked if we should table this matter, as it is already 8:00.  Teresa stated she would like to table this matter until spring as she is waiting for other pieces of information from others.

Planning Commission Member Opening: Steve stated we still have an opening on the Planning Commission.  Teresa stated Kathy and Pete are up for re-appointment in January, so she will check with them to see if they are still interested in serving on the Commission.

Joint Airport Zoning Board (JAZB): Teresa gave the Commission a copy of a Summary of Proposed Changes from MN Department of Transportation for Minnesota’s Airport Safety Zoning Laws and the history behind why we need to make changes to Airport Zoning.  Teresa stated the next scheduled meeting for JAZB will be Thursday, March 1st at 3:30 pm.

Next Meeting Date: Steve stated the next Planning and Zoning meeting is Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

Having nothing further to discuss, Kathy made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.