2017 June Agenda Minutes

Agenda Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Mayor John Werner at 6:00 p.m.  Present for the meeting; Mayor John Werner; Councilors John Goman, Greg Andrews, Suzanne Herstad, and Bob Quade; Treasurer Holly Herstad; Clerk Joan Jauss; and attached is a list of public.

Greg made a motion to approve the May 1, 2017 Agenda meeting minutes with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

Fire truck pre-engineering meeting: Mark stated there were changes made to the original fire truck specification during the pre-engineering meeting in Appleton.  The rear axle was increased to 31,000 lbs., the front axle was dropped to 18,000 lbs., and the suction sleeve was reduced per Pierce’s recommendations. The Fire Department Committee also removed the SCBA brackets and storage unit’s due to cost, they will go with a private vendor later.  With all the changes, the cost increase is $8,170.  Greg stated he supports the changes.  John W. asked what are the costs of the items that will need to be added later, including license and fees?  Mark noted he does not know yet as they are still putting costs together.  John G. asked if the Norton fan has an override to keep the temperature from exceeding the limits, Mark said yes.  Mark stated the change order needs to be approved before June 9th which is before the next Council meeting.  Greg made a motion to approve the changes on the fire truck for the amount of $8,170 with a second by John G.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

 South fire hall painting: The approved interior painting started today.

 City Hall:

Sewer: John W. stated we are getting estimates from Jamar and AW Kuettel and both contactors suggested replacing the existing line, adding a new sewer line, and abandoning the old lines.  This will allow them to move the lines so they do not need to go under all the concrete walls. They are going to give us a quote to use schedule 40 plastic pipe.  The cost will include floor repair including matching the existing finish as close as possible.

Staff relocation: Joan said all City Hall rentals have been cancelled for the summer due to the sewer issues.  Joan met with Joe Nelson at Any Site Hosting at the public works building to discuss adding an internet cable from the fire hall to the public works building for internet access.  Staff will need to re-locate to the public works building during the construction at City Hall.

Furnace: Joan reviewed the updated estimates from Jamar & AW Kuettel to replace the existing boiler, including all necessary pumps and thermostats in City Hall.  AW Kuettel estimate was $17,680 plus $500 to remove existing ventilation pipe on the roof and Carlson is $18,450 not including the ventilation pipe removal.  This was moved to the Council meeting for further discussion.

Leaking walls: Joan said she talked to Dave from Streator Masonry to get an estimate to repair the concrete walls on the west side addition.  This would include replacing the top row of block and core filling the blocks. Dave stated he would like to test the wall again to check where the wall is leaking.  Dave stated he would like the City to hire the roofer to do the roofing work that will be necessary for them to do their work.

Energy conservation bonds: John W. said Council needs to consider if we do all the improvements/repairs should we bundle everything into a project improvement bond.  Joan stated with the rollover of the W. Calvary bond, we have reduced our debt.  Joan talked to George Eilertson at Northland Securities and he suggested going with a project improvement bond.  Joan stated energy conservation bonds would not work for this project, as we would need to hire an engineer to do an energy audit which would cost us all the savings the energy bond would have offered.  The cost outweighs the savings.  A capital improvement bond could cover the cost to replace the furnace, install a   ceiling with new lighting, ten new windows, repair the leaking wall repair, and replace the sewer system at City Hall.  John W. said he will start getting estimates for the repairs/improvements.

 Big Water claim: Joan stated the Big Water Apparatus case was dismissed with prejudice, they have 45 days to re-file in Minnesota or a higher court in Wisconsin, otherwise the claim is a dead issue.


Playground Equipment: Joan stated it will take three patch kits to repair the rubber on the stairs where it is split, to replace the stairs would be around $1,000.  Joan is still waiting on a cost estimate for both repair and replace.  John W. said to be sure Justin grinds the metal before patching.  Joan said one of the swings was damaged this weekend, Justin will fix.

Fencing: Joan shared the estimates from Dairyland Fencing from last year for the right field fence $4,350; west parking lot $3,600 including adding an access gate; and top caps per side $1,500.  She will confirm if the pricing is still good to do the right field fence and the west parking lot.

 Picnic tables and garbage cans: After discussing the need, Council asked Joan to get pricing for five picnic tables to replace the wood ones and two of the heavy-duty garbage cans.

Ball field benches: Joan was contacted by a resident looking for an Eagle Scout Project, she suggested the ball field benches might be a project or the trail, fixing the pods and clearing the trail.  John G. suggested finding out if they would have the skill set to do the work if they are considering doing the benches.  John W. stated the benches need to be dug out and leveled.  The Council would need to see plans on how they were going to build them. Joan will follow up with the Eagle Scout.  Suzanne stated if they would rather do trail, she thinks there are trees down.  No one has been on the trail for some time to know the condition.  Council would prefer the benches be done.

Storage shed: Joan said the storage shed is half filled with sand and needs to be finished.  John W. said he will have someone besides Justin, finish the filling.  it will need to be sealed with concrete once filled.  Joan said once it is filled, St Louis County Environmental Services needs to inspect before it is capped.

Playground wood chips: Joan stated she ordered 10 yards of chips for the park.  John W. said when the trucks come they are to come from the west side of the park, Justin is to move the rocks so they can enter with loader, do not drive on the sidewalk.

Porta-potty: Joan asked about getting another porta-potty to use by the soccer fields.  It was agreed to start using a porta-potty and to discontinue using the existing building.  John W. said the outhouse needs to be pumped out, cleaned, and locked down.  Joan asked Mark if the fire department could bring the tanker truck to help wash out the building. They will set up a date to meet and do it.

Safety Grant: John W. said there is a safety grant issued by OSHA that will cover up to 50% of a maximum grant amount of $10,000 for safety equipment. John W. stated he would like to get estimates for the light bar, lift gate for the new public works/utility truck, and a hydrant opener and manhole lifter for the utilities department.  We will need to ensure the manhole lifter can be attached to the front of truck without interfering with the snowplow.  Joan said once we receive the estimates, we can send them to Tracy Stille, a public safety specialist from the League of Minnesota Cities.  He will be able to complete the safety survey portion of the OSHA form.


Repair List: Joan gave everyone an updated repair list for hydrants, valves, manholes. The valve on Milwaukee and East Calvary has been fixed twice, the second time the valve box was removed.  The valve at Kolstad and East Calvary needs to be repaired, Joan received an estimate of $800, which John G. approved.  This is the only valve that turns off the old main, thus it is a high priority.  2nd Ave. N. and Homecroft Lane was approved to repair the manhole for $800 unless a confined worker needs to be hired, then the cost will go up by $1,500.  John W. said there are two water risers that need to be lowered also.  John G. approved getting them fixed.

3rd Avenue South Sewer: Joan said there is some preliminary work that needs to get done such as updating drawings, getting an estimate for E1 grinder stations, and getting construction easements.  We should get some funds from the Public Facilities (PFA) which will be available around September.  The estimated cost of the project is $328,296 with 50% ($164,000) from PFA.  The remaining funds will be from fair housing, approximately $89,000 and the balance of $75,000 coming out the utility account.  John W asked how much MSA will be charging, Joan said she still needs to get an estimate from Joe for engineering services.  Joan confirmed the repair that needs to be done on the manhole is still on hold until we know if we are going to replace the sewer line, John W. said yes.

Televising: Hydro-Klean is scheduled to clean and televise 2nd Ave. N. and E. Calvary on June 27.

Calvary Water Line – 2018 state bonding bill: John W. said the upcoming legislative session will be for 2018 state bonding year. Joan stated the cost of the project is around $3 million, and in 2014 we received $1.168 million. We will need to ask our legislators to extend the $1.168 million and we can request $332,000 to equal the possible 50% state match.  John W. suggested we use a lobbyist to pursue this bonding at the capital.  Suzanne inquired what still needs to be submitted.  Joan said we need to submit a capital budget request for the $332,000 by July 1, 2017.  Council postponed the discussion on the lobbyist and agreed Joan should submit a capital budget request.

Building permit fee schedule update: Joan stated Toni talked with Jim Rich, they agreed they would like to make some changes to the building fees, such as changing some of the fees to a flat rate fee and add a commercial valuation schedule/fees.  This would result in the cost of many permits being lowered.  The biggest change would be adding commercial fees thus separating them from residential fees.  John W. stated he is in support of adding a commercial schedule, he feels Toni did great work researching what other municipalities are doing.  The cost of natural gas installation permits will be increased as City of Duluth is charging Rice Lake per permit.  Suzanne said the permit charge should increase from $60 to $65 to help cover Rice Lake’s costs. The price changes will go into effect immediately upon Council approval. Joan will bring to Council for action.

 Family of God Church: Joan shared a copy of a letter received from Family of God Church stating the parishioners have approved the concept of selling 150 feet of their land to the City of Rice Lake at some time in the future.  Family of God has also submitted an application to rezone to public.

 Lobbyist: John W. suggested the Council meet and talk with Gary Cerkvenik, a lobbyist about   upcoming projects.  The cost would be $1,200 per month if we hired full time, we will need to discuss if we can hire on a project basis instead.  It was agreed to postpone the discussion.

Reschedule July Agenda: Joan asked the Council if they would like to reschedule the agenda meeting on July 3.  Council agreed to reschedule to July 5.

Time with Mike Couri: Joan asked if any Councilors would like to schedule some time to meet with the City Attorney before the Council meeting on June 12.  They will let her know if they do.

Water Tower: There is a preconstruction meeting scheduled for Friday June 16th with the engineer and contractor in reference to the water tower painting.  All agreed that date works for them.

2016 Population: Joan shared a report from the state of Minnesota stating our population decreased by 22 people, we now have 4,109 people and in 2015 the population was 4,128.

Rice Lake Dam Road: John W. stated paving on Rice Lake Dam Road will start next week.  Most of the culverts have been replaced, there are still a few by the dam that need to be done.  CenturyLink is running behind on moving their boxes.  The contractor is going to put some large rocks up to help create a barrier to help prevent side parking.  The guardrail is supposed to be moved out next week as it was set too narrow on the road.

 Having nothing further to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Greg with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.