2017 May Planning & Zoning minutes



MAY 16, 2017

 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Steve Kossett.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting were Chairman Kossett, Commission Members Katie Vukelich, Biron Wipson, John Hegstrom, Pete Branca, and Kathy Meyer, Zoning Administrator Teresa Koivula, Deputy Clerk Toni Blomdahl, City Councilor Suzanne Herstad, and guests Gregg Haugen, Greg Andrews, and Bob Quade.

Kathy made a motion to approve the April 18, 2017 meeting minutes with a second by Pete.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.  A motion was made by Biron to approve the April 27, 2017 work meeting minutes with a second by Steve.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.


 CORRESPONDENCE: Teresa gave the commission a copy of a letter that was sent to a resident in Rice Lake from WLSSD in reference to the accumulation of solid waste on their property.  WLSSD gave the resident until May 17, 2017 to clean-up and remove the solid waste.  Teresa will follow up to see if they remove the waste.


Annual Conditional Use Permit (CUP) inspections: Teresa asked the Commission about the annual CUP inspections and inquired if they would like her to do them during business hours.  John Hegstrom stated he likes going out and inspecting the properties as it helps him get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work for CUPs.  Greg stated he thinks it is good for the Commission to see these properties and the conditions we put on them.  Katie noted she would like the information ahead of time so she can familiarize herself with the conditions.  Teresa stated she thought it would be better to do them earlier in the year so if we notice issues the property owners have time to correct them before winter.  The Commission agreed they would like to do the inspections and scheduled them for July 18th at 6:00 pm with a motion by John H. and a second by Katie.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.

Gregg Haugen noted his neighbor at 4408 W Calvary Rd has a home business and he was wondering if they would be able to apply for a CUP to continue operation of the business.  Teresa stated they are in a residential neighborhood so it has to be a residential use and business use is not intended for residential.  Teresa stated the resident would need to petition the neighbors within quarter mile if they wanted to apply for a Home Business Permit and noted she has already spoken with the property owner regarding his business in which his use is not allowable with a CUP.


Planning Commission Members reappointments: Teresa stated the City Council voted to reappoint Steve Kossett, John Hegstrom, and Katie Vukelich to another term and thanked them for their service to the community.

Ordinance #22 changes: Toni stated she had left out a section of St. Louis County Ordinance #62 in reference to Dynamic Signs when we discussed sign changes at the April 27th work meeting.  The Commission looked over the additional sections and agreed to add them to our proposed Ordinance #22 changes.  The Commission went over the suggested changes from Mike Couri, City Attorney and decided to add “Camping” to the references of “Recreational Camping Vehicle” and decided to leave Article VI, Section 8.H. as agreed upon at the last work meeting.  The Commission agreed with Mike’s change to Article VI, Section 15A regarding the retroactive provisions to livestock.  The Commission agreed with Mike’s recommendation to change the duration for static period on dynamic signs to 8 seconds.  The Commission agreed with Mike’s suggestions to delete Article VI, Section 20.B. in reference to easements and fences.  A motion was made by Biron to approve all the above changes with a second by John H.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried and the changes will be added to the list for updates at the public hearing.

Public Hearing for Ordinance #22: The Commission decided to set the date for the Ordinance #22 amendment public hearing for Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  Toni will post and publish the notice for the hearing.

Joint Airport Zoning Board (JAZB): Steve stated the next JAZB meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 2 at 1:30 pm.

 Next Meeting Date: Steve stated the next Planning and Zoning meeting is Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Having nothing further to discuss, John H. made a motion with a second by Katie to adjourn the meeting.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.