2017 November Utility minutes

Utility Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cindy Endicott at 6:00 p.m.  Present for the meeting were Chairman Endicott, Commission members Jayme Heim and Pegra Cobb, Councilors Greg Andrews and John Goman, Clerk Joan Jauss, Joe Jurewicz from MSA and attached list of public.

Business from the floor: None

Approval of Minutes: The October 16, 2017 Utility Commission meeting minutes and the November 16, 2017 I&I minutes were approved with a motion from Jayme and second by Pegra. All vote in favor, motion passed.  The October 24, 2017 I&I meeting minutes were approved with a motion from Pegra and a second by Jayme.  All vote in favor, motion passed

Correspondence: A copy of a certified letter was brought in by Pegra from WJA Enterprise in reference to the sewer rate increase, Joan read it into record.  It was agreed to table any response to the letter until the next utility meeting.

City of Duluth water rates: Joan shared a copy of Resolution 17PUC-004 from the City of Duluth increasing the City’s water rate.  John W. stated he is planning to go to the next public utilities meeting on Nov. 21 to express Rice Lake’s displeasure about the rate increase.  Cindy asked who makes up the City or Duluth’s Public Utilities Commission, John W. stated there are three City Councilors and two citizens.

3rd Ave. S. sewer line: Joan stated she has sent the PFA loan application into the State and she also sent in our water infrastructure fund letter.

 WLSSD October exceedance: Joan shared a copy of a letter stating we had an exceedance again in October at pump station 1, Joe will reply to WLSSD.  Our issues seem to be at pump station 1.

Howard Gnesen I&I issues: Joan shared we received an estimate to repair the manholes on Howard Gnesen Road from Hydro Klean.  Due to the time of year, we will have to look at doing these repairs next year.  Greg expressed concern on the sand/rocks getting into the manholes and then into the lift station pumps.  Joe will investigate if manhole repairs can be done in the cold winter weather.  Joe stated the repair work that Hydro-Klean is proposing is different from the work that was done on the Ryan road manhole rebuild.  Joe stated sealer will need to be injected into the cracks.

Ryan Road manhole rebuild: Joe will email Joan photos of the process.  Hydro-Klean ground the sides down, and then re-sealed with a special concrete.  This process is not likely to be used here.

Stavanger utility extension: Joan stated we are missing the Minnesota Department of Health permit, and a contractor agreement needs to be done before the project can be started.

Cell tower ladder: It has come to the City’s attention we need to look at installing a ladder on the cell tower.  Joe will work on getting an estimate.  Greg asked if the system we currently have is an OSHA violation.  Joe stated no.

Star Grant: Joan shared a couple of spelling errors in the grant.  Cindy asked what the drain camera does, Joe stated it can televise a 2” line for approximately 75’.  This would help us with our new I&I requirements WLSSD is imposing.  Cindy made the recommendation to submit the Star Grant application for the I&I study with a second by Jayme.  All vote in favor, motion passed.  Joan will bring it to Council for consideration.

I&I Ordinance: Joan shared a listing of sewer customers in the City.  The Commission would like to know how much would it cost to create a GIS map showing all the customers to be able to use in our new I&I ordinance.  Joe stated approximately $200.  John G. approved the expenditure.  Joe will work on it.  Darrel asked if there are any grants that we could apply for to make a map of the whole utility system.  Joe stated we could apply for another Star Grant to create a map of all the valves, services, and line locations.

Charter Communications: Cindy asked if Charter is going to expand their service area and are they regulated by the FCC.  John W. stated Charter is going to come to the Council meeting on November 27th, hopefully we will find out more then.

Next meeting date: The next Utilities meeting will be December 18, 2017.  There is also a meeting with Mike Couri, City Attorney, on Monday December 11th at 2:30 to discuss I&I.

Having nothing further to discuss a motion was made by Jayme to adjourn the meeting with a second by Pegra.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.