2017 October 23 Council minutes


October 23, 2017

The October 23, 2017 Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Werner.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting: Mayor John Werner; City Councilors Suzanne Herstad, John Goman, Greg Andrews, and Bob Quade; Clerk Joan Jauss; Treasurer Holly Herstad; and attached list of public.

PUBLIC HEARING REASSESSMENT OF PARCEL 520-0019-00150: See attached minutes.


Teresa Koivula: Teresa Koivula, Zoning Administrator, wanted to inform the Council of a phone call she received inquiring on having an indoor shooting range.  This individual is looking to build this on private property and for private use; it cannot be used for commercial use.  Ordinance #8 and #22 does not address this issue and the DNR does not have anything that address’s indoor private ranges.   Teresa stated she is not opposed nor advocating for it, again this is just informational for the Council.  Ordinance #8 states a fire arm cannot be discharged within 750’ of a dwelling, but she has an email from the DNR stating the 750’ rule does not apply to indoor ranges, this is for outside only.  Teresa stated the DNR and MPCA recommend the resident install filters for air quality.  If the range is less than 200 sq. ft. no building permit would be required, it would have to be built to state building code, which the individual has been informed of.  Teresa stated.   John G. stated he is concerned it will be built to standards; Teresa stated she has not found any standards so far.  John W. asked if there are any calibration limits, are there any restrictions the City can impose, and what happens to the structure when they leave the building.   Suzanne asked what type of guns will be used, Teresa stated she was unsure.   John G. stated he is concerned about the DNR standard and would like to see it.  Teresa will investigate this issue further with the City Attorney and get back to Council.

Cindy Endicott asked where the consent agenda comes from, she does not recall any discussion on the budget resolution.  Joan stated the budget discussion was held in September.  She was supposed to do a resolution for the preliminary budget and it was not done, thus it was on tonight’s agenda.   Suzanne stated Cindy should come to the truth in taxation meeting in November as this is where the public can comment on the proposed 2018 budget.




October 9, 2017 Council minutes


17-10-23 Setting the proposed levy

17-10-24 Establishing new water and sewer rates

Executed Claim

General fund checks – 11999-12030 and 446E-447E

Fair Housing Authority –  none

John G. made a motion to approve the consent agenda with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.


Fire Department State Aid: Joan shared a copy of a report from State of Minnesota showing $21,045.42 Rice Lake Fire Department’s 2% share of the state aid for 2017.

2017 Road Projects: John W. shared a map showing what roads were worked on in 2017.  John W. stated the Prindle Road north ditch is not done, the south is.  In 2018, we are hoping to do three projects, depending on if we receive any funding to redo Chicago Avenue, as that will take precedence. The asphalt roads still need to be done.  The Rice Lake Dam Road rebuild is complete.


Water Tower transfer: Joan shared a copy of the final cost to paint the water tower.  Holly is asking Council to approve transferring $12,294 from the communication tower investment fund to general checking to cover the final costs of the project.  John W. stated during the painting we found some issues that were repaired.  If these repairs had not been found, we could have filled up the entire cone of the tower.  Greg made a motion to approve transferring $12,294 from communication tower investments to general checking with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

Chicago Ave: Joan shared a copy of an agreement from MSA Professionals to design and plan Chicago Avenue for a rebuild of the road in 2019.  Joan stated the design and planning does not have to be done before the City can apply for a MNDOT grant for the project.  John W. asked if Joe at MSA has given St. Louis County the information they need to write a letter of support to apply for a MNDOT grant, Joan will follow up with Joe.  John W. made a motion to approve the MSA Professionals agreement for Chicago Avenue with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.

City Hall update: John W. stated there are still some punch list items left, some minor interior items that need to be finished, electrical needs to be finished, and the three-phase power still needs to be installed to do the final hook up of the HVAC unit.  Joan stated the City has paid out costs so far around $40,000, but we are still receiving invoices.  Bob asked about the heat in the back office.  Joan explained this will be an issue, as there is no thermostat in that office, but we won’t know how much of an issue until everything is working.

LMC regional meetings: Joan shared the agenda for the League of Minnesota Cities Regional Meeting in Virginia on October 26, 2017.

November calendar: Joan shared a copy of the November calendar with Council and noted the Truth in Taxation meeting will be on November 28th and the School Board election on November 7th will be held at Homecroft School.


Greg stated the manhole rehab project on Ryan Road did not occur.  Phillip from MSA, Suzanne, Bob, and myself was there but Hydro Klean was not.  Greg stated he will keep in touch with MSA on when this will be occurring.  Two manholes on 2nd Ave. have been repaired by Hydro-Klean.

Suzanne stated the Planning Commission is working on small cell ordinance language.  Some of the concerns are; clutter in the City’s right of ways, loss of City’s power to regulate, and loss in cell tower rentals.  There are a lot of unknowns.  The Planning Commission is still short one member if anyone is interested.  The manhole repair that Greg was referring to could save the City with manhole replacement costs.  The cost to rehab a manhole is approximately $10,000 and to replace a manhole could be as much as $60,000.  John W. stated the small cell issue is still a large unknown.

Bob stated Metropolitan Interstate Council (MIC) is working on truck route studies at the can of worms on I35 and the Port Terminal.  There has been more interest in buckthorn; he is working on trying to set up for a speaker to come to the next Community Club meeting.

John G. stated the utility truck is done, it is very impressive.  Next year the City is looking at a new Ford 550 to replace the existing one-ton dump truck as the existing truck is starting to rust out.  The City will be selling some items in the next City Paper, the ¾ ton public works truck, a room air conditioner, bumper and tailgate from the new truck.

John W. stated the repair paving work on 2nd Avenue North is done.

Having nothing further to discuss, Suzanne made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mayor Werner adjourned the meeting.