2018 June 25 Council minutes


June 25, 2018


The Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Werner. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance. Present for the meeting: Mayor John Werner; City Councilors John Goman, Greg Andrews, Suzanne Herstad and Bob Quade; Clerk/Treasurer Toni Blomdahl; and attached list of public.





CGMC Summer Conference in Mankato July 25-27.  No one is planning on attending.
Thank you card from Bob Quade for the get-well card.




June 4, 2018 Closed minutes – Attorney/Client privilege

June 11, 2018 Council minutes


Agreement and release from AFSCME


Letter of agreement for miscellaneous services from SEH


Task order MSA for implementation of WLSSD grant


Record destruction report


Executed Claim:

General fund checks – 12589 thru12626

Fair Housing Authority –  none

John G. made a motion to approve the consent agenda with a second by Suzanne.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.



Hydro Klean televising proposal: Toni presented Council with a televising proposal from Hydro Klean in the amount of $6,710.74.  Greg stated this is to televise and clean the sewer lines from Lift Station 1 on East Calvary to Milwaukee and south on Milwaukee Ave.  Suzanne asked why there were two pipe cleaning estimates.  Toni stated the alternate estimate is to clean Milwaukee Ave. and it is separate because the condition of the pipes may not be able to withstand the pressure from cleaning so that line may not be cleaned.  A motion was made by Suzanne to approve the proposal from Hydro Klean in the amount of $6,71.74 with a second by Greg.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.



Special Events Permit for The Other Place Bar: Marty from the Other Place was here to discuss his submitted Special Event Application.  Marty stated they are trying to make the event more family focused with free pony rides, face painting, RLFD trucks, games and prizes, and free hot dogs, chips, and pop for kids.  Marty stated the extended service area is being requested so parents can bring their drinks with them while their kids are playing the games and such, but alcohol will not be served in the expanded area.  Marty stated they are also requesting to have music until midnight.  The band is scheduled to play until 10:00 pm but they would like the option of extending the playing time to midnight.  Marty stated the extended service area would take up about 18 parking spaces and his employees will be parking off-site equaling about 15-19 spaces.  Marty stated neighborhood businesses are allowing them to park in their lots that day with people directing traffic to these parking areas and he is looking into regulations of where signs can be placed.  John W. stated signs can be placed anywhere, even in the Right-of-way (ROW).  John G. asked if the band could turn the volume down at 10:00 pm.  Marty stated certainly but it is negotiable with the band.  Bob asked if Marty could get some “Event Signs Ahead” and create one cross walk area for patrons to use.  John W. stated Marty should call Public Safety at St. Louis County and see if they can park on both sides of the road.  Toni stated she spoke with Nick at St. Louis County Special Use Permits today and he said they did not issue a Special Use Permit for the event as the roadway is not going to be obstructed but he might be a good source for getting event signage.  A motion was made by John G. to approve the permit with the option of music until 11:00 pm with music turned down at 10:00 pm with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.


3rd Ave S. sewer project: Toni presented Council with a letter to James Fletcher with the PFA requesting the PFA finalize its loan application in the amount of $55,005 for the term of 10 years.  Toni stated once we sign these loan papers, the PFA will send the documents to our bond company so we can get a security bond to cover the loan amount.  Suzanne stated the $55,005 amount is a reduced amount in recent days.  John W. stated the city does not own the grinder pumps and the laterals so the PFA will not cover those costs so $80,000 – 90,000 got reversed from the loan request.  A motion was made by John G. to approve the loan request in the amount of $58,109.56 which would cover the interest noted on the amortization schedule with a second by Greg.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.


Park Fence Cap: Toni presented Council with an updated proposal for a fence cap at the City Park in the amount of $3,000 and stated the previous approved request was in the amount of $2,300 but that bid was two years old and Dairyland Fence would not honor that price.  Toni stated we have $12,000 budgeted for park maintenance and have approved $4,200 for tables and $1,000 for other expenses so we have budget left for the $3,000 fence cap.  A motion was made by Suzanne to approve the proposal from Dairyland Fence in the amount of $3,000 with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.


Estimate for demo at 5028 Rice Lake Road: Toni presented Council with an estimate from Darrel Johnson Excavating for demolition and clean up of the property/house at 5028 Rice Lake Rd. in the amount of $5725.00.  John W. stated the Fire Department (FD) is going to use the house for training exercises.  Suzanne asked if the FD wants to do more training next year, can this estimate wait until then.  John W. stated no as he told the FD they could use the building no later than September as the City received $8,000 from Wells Fargo to clean the property up.  A motion was made by Greg to approve the estimate from Darrel Johnson Excavating with a second by John G.  All vote in favor.  Motion carried.


Final Costs for City Hall Improvements and Conference Room: Toni shared with Council the final numbers for City Hall improvements totaling $284,579.47.  John W. noted the bathrooms are now ADA compliant.  Toni shared with Council the numbers for the Conference Room remodel in the amount of $20,531.34.  John W. stated the 65” flat screen for the room is being donated and most of the work was done by volunteers or city employees.  Bob noted the State Capital Building cost $5.5 million in 1905 to build and they recently spent $317 million in upgrades so in comparison our costs are low.


July calendar: Toni shared a copy of the July calendar noting Mike Couri, City Attorney will be here on July 9th and the St. Louis County Commissioners will be holding their meeting here on July 10th.



  • John W. thanked Mary Murphy for her help on getting us some funding for the E. Calvary water loop.
  • Greg stated he did not have any updates.
  • Suzanne stated she and John G. attended a Safety Committee meeting which has been a slow start forming it and getting a policy in place. The Safety Committee is in place per OSHA regulations and to get information from employees and keeping them safe.  Suzanne stated on the 18th she went with Bryan, recycle shed attendant, to WLSSD for a recycle site meeting and we are now going to accept plastic film (grocery bags, air packs, etc.) and we will have a new company collecting recyclables, A1.  Suzanne stated that no food scraps will be collected here as WLSSD was looking for a test location and we did not want it because of our rural nature.  WLSSD is merging mixed paper and newspaper collection together.  Suzanne stated the Planning Commission did Conditional Use Permit (CUP) inspections on the 19th to make sure the 20-25 CUPs are meeting the conditions placed on them.
  • John G. thanked Mary Murphy and Senator Bakk for helping Rice Lake get more funding in the last 2-3 years than ever before. John stated he and Greg ordered tools to allow us to repair manholes in house as opposed to hiring contractors for the repairs.
  • John W. stated roadside mowing and brushing will take place after the 4th and chloride will be applied after the 10th which will cost around $36,000, which is the same as last year. John stated the city hall roof trusses have been ordered and the project should start around the 1st of August.
  • Bob stated he was out of commission for part of the month but on June 6th he attended the Joint Airport Zoning Board meeting and toured LSC facility that is teaching people and getting them hired with good jobs. Bob attended a MIC meeting at the airport on the 20th and Tom Werner gave a presentation on the airport.  Bob would like Justin A. to clear the brush around the signs in the City, so they are more visible.

Having nothing further to discuss, Suzanne made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Bob.  Mayor Werner adjourned the meeting.