2018 June Work minutes

June Work Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2018


The meeting was called to order by Mayor John Werner at 6:00 p.m.  Present for the meeting; Mayor John Werner, Councilors Greg Andrews, John Goman, Suzanne Herstad, and Bob Quade; Clerk/Treasurer Toni Blomdahl, Deputy Clerk Joan Jauss, Deputy Clerk Carley Hungerford, and attached list of public.


Closed meeting: Mayor Werner stated that the City Council was in a closed meeting earlier today in reference to litigation.  Nothing at the meeting was finalized and no voting occurred.


Greg made a motion to approve the May 7, 2018 Work Meeting Minutes with a second by
John G., Suzanne abstained.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.


Correspondence: A letter from Duluth Urban Water Advisory Committee (DUWAC) with an updated draft of the memorandum of understanding (MOU).  It was noted DUWAC asked everyone to review the MOU and they will be asking communities to sign it this fall.  Council agreed to bring this to a future meeting to discuss further.


Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC):  Bradley Peterson, a representative with CGMC shared a packet of information with Council.  Brad stated there is no actual staff, Flaherty and Hood P.A. whom Brad works for, handles all issues. There are approximately 100 cities that are members and CGMC has five areas that they advocate for; local government aid/property tax relief, economic development, environment and energy, transportation, and annexation.  Brad stated they are similar to League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) but they only work on items that are for greater Minnesota when lobbying.  John W. asked about annexation, Brad stated they are not real active on annexation, this is kind of status quo.  Brad stated they have done studies and work on labor and employee relations. John W. asked about the unmarked funds in the state road fund, Brad stated they do advocate for grant programs and infrastructure legislation.


John W. thanked Brad for CGMC’s support with Rice Lake’s provisions in the bonding bill.  John W. stated he found the CGMC legislative conference very educational and it was very nice to meet other mayors.  Brad stated they are having their summer conference in Mankato and encouraged the Council to attend.  The fall conference will be in Alexandria where they work on their legislative agenda.  During the Legislative Day at the Capitol there is a breakfast that the CGMC puts on during LMC’s meetings, this year it will be focused on transportation.


Suzanne asked about environment and energy.  Brad stated they try to ensure the tax payers dollars are used wisely and are benefitting from the results.  They also do work on clean water legislation.  Bob stated it seems everywhere all the groups are moving around for position.  Brad stated our area is unique and WLSSD is doing the right things.  John W. talked about the streams in the City and all the various groups that regulate them.  Suzanne asked how the City can utilize CGMC, Brad stated they are a source for big ticket issues, and their law firm can help for a fee.  Brad strongly recommended becoming involved.


Liquor license renewal: Toni stated there has been a few issues with the renewals on getting all the necessary information.  The renewals should be ready for consideration at the Council meeting.


Road chloride: Jake and Rick from the Dust Doctors informed the Council that the chloride prices will remain the same as last year.  Last year the City spent around $37,000 to chloride all the City roads and do two roads twice.  Jake stated they would be available to start putting the chloride down the week of July 10th with the small trucks.  John G. made a motion to approve using Dust Doctors for $1.00 a gallon.  Greg asked what St. Louis County is charging this year, Joan shared $0.894 per gallon.  John W. stated the County does not have the smaller trucks to get down our small roads and we do not have any control on the scheduling.  John G. stated he was pleased with the service we received last year.  Suzanne seconded the motion.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.



5028 Rice Lake Road property: Joan explained we are closer to getting the title recorded.  She received an email stating it should be recorded this week or next.  John W. stated he talked with Mark Rubin, the St. Louis County Attorney, and Mark stated the City should be ok, if there are any issues, Wells Fargo is liable. The fire department is still planning on using the house for training once the title has been received.


3rd Ave. S. sewer project update: Joan shared that she was informed the lateral pipes and E1 grinders will not be covered by the PFA loan as the City will not own the equipment once the project is done.  She said she is working on getting more information, there is a conference call with Joe from MSA tomorrow and James at the PFA. She will find out more then.  Joan also shared that we will need to levy for the PFA loan per PFA’s requirements.


East Calvary water loop: Joan shared a copy of the legislation that shows the 2014 bonding money extension to 2020 and the City received an additional $359,000 as requested from the Legislature this session.  John W. stated Gary Cerkvenik, the City’s Lobbyist, worked very hard for the City this year to secure these funds for us.


Ordinance #47 Administrative Ordinance: Joan asked Council when they wanted to be involved if there is going to be a citation letter issued.  Council stated they would like to know before the letter is issued.  Joan also asked who they would like to be the code compliance officer, it was agreed the Clerk/Treasurer is the compliance officer.  Suzanne made a motion to approve Ordinance #47 Administrative Ordinance as presented with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.  Joan presented Resolution 18-06-10 Establishing a Schedule of Administrative Penalties for Violations of Rice Lake City code, Toni read the resolution into record.  Greg made a motion to adopt Resolution 18-06-10 with a second by John G.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.  Joan shared the Ordinance #47 Summary for publication.  Bob made a motion to support the summary with a second by Greg.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.


LGA distribution: Joan shared a copy of the proposed distribution of the LGA funds the City will receive in 2018.  $200,000 for City Hall roof, $120,000 for debt payoff, $25,000 for S. Fire Hall, $60,000 for utility repairs, and $25,00 for fire equipment fund.  John W. stated he is in support of changing the S. Fire Hall lighting to LED as this will be the last scheduled year for Minnesota Power rebates.  John G. stated we need to flush and test the water valves in the system.  John G. made a motion to approve the LGA allotment with $200,000 being used to pay for the roof and eliminating the $100,000 that was to be used for the sheriff contract as presented previously.  Suzanne seconded the motion.  All vote in favor. Motion passed.


Park: Joan asked the Council if they would like to purchase any picnic tables and/or install a fence topper on the baseball field this year.  Council agreed Joan should purchase 5 tables for around $4,200 and the fence topper for approximately $2,300.  It was stated to remove the worst of the wood tables. There was some discussion about the lights being on in the pavilion.  Joan stated John, from Duluth Electrical, is supposed to give us an estimate to install a photo eye with time clock, so the lights will come on at dusk and turn off at 10:00 pm when the park closes.  This can be put in the storage shed so it will not get vandalized.  John W. stated we are going to apply for a CDBG for sidewalks to the pavilion and the toilets this year, so he is working on getting estimates.  John W. stated we need to get some tools in the storage shed too.  Bob stated we need to look at getting some trees for select areas of the park.  Bob was wondering if we could put an article in the Rice Lake paper asking if people would like to donate for a memorial tree.  Joan shared we have $50 that has been donated by the Plus 55 Club that could be used too.  Bob will make a master plan of what trees we want and where to place them.


City hall roof: Joan informed Council when we approved the roofing contract we did not approve Alternate #1; the exterior lighting for $3,187.  John G. made a motion to approve the exterior LED lighting for $3,187 with a second by Greg.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.


Auditor: Joan shared Mary Reedy from CliftonLarsonAllen would like to come for her follow up meeting on the City’s audit on June 26th.  Everyone agreed June 26th at 1:00 pm will work.  Joan will confirm with Mary.


PUBLIC COMMENT: Bob said there is a resident on Arnold Road that thinks he has a water leak and he has bad water pressure.  Joan shared that Justin S. has tested the water and there is no leak.  St. Louis County has been notified the resident’s culvert is crushed and needs to be replaced which is causing the water to not drain.  Joan stated, on the water pressure, the resident may need to adjust his PRV.  Joan asked Bob to have the resident call her and she would explain further.  Bob will follow up with the resident.


Having nothing further to discuss Greg made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  John W. adjourned the meeting.