2018 May 14 Council minutes


May 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Mayor Werner.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.  Present for the meeting: Mayor John Werner; Councilors Suzanne Herstad, Bob Quade, Greg Andrews, and John Goman; Clerk/Treasurer Joan Jauss; City Attorney Mike Couri, and the attached list of public.



Email from Brad Peterson at CGMC, he is planning to come for a visit on June 4 at work meeting

Email from Lance Solem asking about the City policy on ATV on the roads

General Correspondence – see folder



April 23, 2018 Council minutes

April 24, 2018 DUWAC minutes

Executed Claims:

General fund checks – 12478-12519 and 459E

Payroll checks – 1243 – 1269

Fair Housing Authority –  none

John G. made a motion to approve the consent agenda with a second by Greg.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.


Greg stated not much going on.

Suzanne stated she and John G, who are the HR Supervisors, are working on an updated employee handbook, it is currently at the attorney being reviewed.

John W. stated he has been talking with Legislators and Lobbyists on getting legislation passed to extend our 2014 bonding and getting an additional $300,000 in funding, it is not going well.   He has also been talking with some citizens about setting up a food shelf type of stuff with Family of God Church, this is still in discussion.  John also shared that Ulland Brothers have started brining equipment into the Kwik Trip site on the corner of Martin and Rice Lake Roads.  Kwik Trip is hoping for an October grand opening.

Bob stated he went to the meeting in Lakewood on invasive species, the speaker would like to do a presentation in Rice Lake. Bob would like to hand it over to the Community Club to handle.  Homecroft School is working on their nature trails, Bob asked them to submit an article and pictures for the City paper.

John G. stated the fire truck has been sold.  As Suzanne had stated, they are working on the policy book for non-union employees and they are organizing a safety committee. John G. asked Mark if anyone would be interested in joining the committee, the first meeting is this Wednesday.


Financial Report: Council received copies of the Financial Report and Revenue and Expense Summary.  Joan stated there is $219,180 in general checking.

Building Department: Joan read the following report into record as prepared by Toni Blomdahl.

Type of Permit Issued           # issued

  • Remodel                                      2
  • Addition                                       2
  • Gas                                                 1
  • New Home                                    1
  • Plumbing new bathroom           2
  • Siding/Roofing/Windows         6         

Total issued                                       14

Total valuation of projects:      $   668,360.00

Fines                                       $              0.00

Total fees assessed:               $        5210.07

Planning & Zoning report: Joan read the following report into record as prepared by Teresa Koivula.

Complaints: 3

Onsite visits: 3

Subdivision application received:

Minor 1

Zoning application received:

Variance 2

Conditional Use 1

Rezone 1

Conditional use permit voluntary revocation: 1

Outgoing correspondence: 3

Approved Minor Subdivision: 1

Planning Commission: Ordinance #22, Performance Standards: Home Occupation/Business revisions

Public Works: Joan read the following report into record as prepared by Justin Schendel.

  • Exercised booster station as required.
  • Assisted Justin A with opening up culverts to be steamed via loader and metal detector.
  • Plowed all city facilities as required.
  • Assisted with painting new conference room.
  • Unloaded 10 E-One grinder pumps from enclosed trailer.
  • Assisted Bob Cannon and Justin A. with replacing grader edges and replacing cutting edges on 5-ton wing.
  • Used Darrel’s Skid steer to load class 5 into 1 ton for wash out at 3810 Birchwood.
  • Used loader to push Snow out of ditch on Reid Road to prevent flooding and possible erosion.
  • Used loader to remove snow and class five to isolate flooding and erosion on the southern ditch of Washington Road.
  • Installed batteries in both mowers for upcoming summer months.
  • Used loader to clear slab behind public works for 5 Ton sander and wing.
  • Dropped tags for unpaid water bills.
  • Made scrap run to Azcon with Justin A.
  • Cleared 9 locates.
  • Replaced 1 meter.

Road and Bridge: Joan read the following report into record as prepared by Justin Aleshire.

  • Called in several plugged culverts into the Country.
  • Helped Andy from Ziegler take off snow equipment.
  • Prime and painted the new conference room.
  • Gravel road maintenance and design training.
  • Unloaded a trailer full of E-one for the 3rd Ave. project.
  • Plow and sanded.
  • Changed grader and 5-yard wing edge.
  • Fixed washed out roads.
  • Replaced a mailbox post on Charles Rd.
  • Picked up some sod damage and put back in yards.
  • Boarded up and secured the door on the 5028 Rice Lake Rd house.
  • Brought scrap metal to Azcon recycling.

Fire Department: Chief Niemi read the following report into record.

Total Calls:

  • April Total Calls Responded to was 16.
    • 12 Medicals
    • 1 Vehicle Fire
    • 1 Accident w/Injury
    • 1 Powerline down hazard
    • 1 Illegal burning

Water Usage

  • 10,000 gallons above the normal consumption used during training.

Total Number of Hours Volunteered by All Members

  • Total hours Volunteered by the membership in April – 469

AFG Grant Update

  • Our grant writer updated us that we have successfully passed the 1st round of review and moved on to the next. She is hopeful it will be successful.

Old Engine 2 Sale

  • We were finally able to sell the Ford Engine to a party from Two Harbors for $6,300

Critical Fire Weather Days

  • So far this spring we have had 4 critical fire weather days in our region. During these times we have had crews manning the fire hall for a quick response to anything that comes in.

Community Events

  • The fire department will be attending healthy Homecroft fair and then the Veterans Memorial Hall 5k later this week as well.

John W. asked what the AFG grant is for, Mark stated it is a new cascade compressor/fill station for their SCBA tanks.  If awarded the grant, the City would be responsible for 5% of the estimated $75,000 this would cost.  Nellie S. asked about the status of the Tahoe, Mark stated it was picked up and they are working on it.  They are hoping to have it in service in a month.

Animal control: Joan read the following report into record as prepared by Gloria Dallum.

  • Hours worked                          23.05
  • Miles driven                             57
  • License fees collected            $55
  • Fines issued                            $0
  • Dogs to kennel                        0
  • Dogs to pound                        0

Sheriff: attached

Bob asked if the Sheriff issues a ticket with a fine, does the City get a %.  John W. stated yes.

Sewer and water report: In Council’s packet

John W. shared that the City of Duluth still has not reduced the water rate they are charging municipalities as per their verbal agreement in January.


Proposed sale of tax forfeiture land: Joan shared a copy of a letter from St. Louis County noting two properties that are going on the tax forfeiture sale.  The properties are on Reid and Martin Roads.

Record destruction report: Joan shared a copy of a record destruction listing with Council. She asked permission to destroy the listed documents.  John W. read the list of documents for the record. Greg made a motion to approve destroying the records listed with a second by Bob.  All vote in favor.  Motion passed.


City Hall roof: Joan reminded Council that the roof bid opening is Thursday, May 17th at 2:00 pm.  There were six contractors that came to the mandatory pre-bid meeting.


Motion for Adjournment: Having nothing further to discuss, Suzanne made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mayor Werner adjourned the meeting.