Utility Projects

Howard Gnesen Rd./Martin Rd. Waterloop Extension (2022)

This project will extend the City’s water main approximately 3,400 ft. beginning at the Fire Hall on Martin Rd. and extending West to Howard Gnesen then continuing South to complete the loop at West Calvary Road.
In addition approximately 465 ft. of ductile iron piping will be replaced with new ten-inch HDPE piping.  Veit Construction, being the lowest bidder, is the Contractor for this project.

  • The water extension will complete the loop for two dead-end lines. Thus allowing the City to flush the lines to maintain clean water for our residents.
  • The City Fire Hall is located at the end of the waterline. The extension would provide increased and more reliable water pressure to fill our fire trucks that are used to serve and protect the remainder of the City not served by City Water.


Rice Lake Road Sewer Extension (TBD)

The water main portion of this project was completed in 2021. A bonding request in the amount of 1.5 million dollars was made to complete the sewer extension portion on the East side.  No project date is available at this time.